4.7 out of 5 stars 289. As a fan of good nosing glasses and good tumblers, this seems like the perfect mix of both of them. Today, Waterford’s 12-ounce Aras glass is one of the most reliable on the market, combining old-school design with modern updates. Or should I say whiskey glasses, just to keep the Americans and Irish satisfied. Glencairn whisky nosing glass is one of the best ones for aromas. It’s a nice glass to swirl.” Use it for neat pours of whiskey, or, the glass doubles as a perfect vessel for cocktails—mix it with Old Fashioneds or with Irish whiskey. But whisky, which by the way in my opinion is the worlds most complex spirit, is being served in anything. 50 Points. Glass Feel & Characteristics. This is where “nosing” glasses come in. Typical Glencairn nosing glass dimensions are: 4.5 inches tall (115 mm), 1.75″ top diameter, 2.75″ maximum diameter. Definitely a must for Whisky tasting ... must be one of our spirit / whisky glass holders. “It's also perfect for drinking whiskey straight with its unique 2-ounce pour indicator etch (the top of the triangle at the bottom measures exactly 2 ounces),” adds Voisey. SLEEK & UNBREAKABLE. The design allows for better 'nosing' of your whisky, is nicely weighted, and of high quality. The Glencairn whisky tasting cap is designed to help contain the vapours from the whisky (or whiskey!) I’ll get back to the other types later in this article but first, let’s talk about the traditional Glencairn, one of the best whisky glasses you can get. Keep in mind that tumblers aren’t the way to go if you want to taste whiskey like a connoisseur. Special Price £45.00 was £50.00 You save: £6.00 (10%) 97% (20) Add to Wishlist. Find beautifully designed and mouth-blown whiskey glasses at Whiskira. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our Whether you’re keen on climbing up rock faces or looking for a spirited souvenir, the 11.5-ounce Whiskey Peaks glass is a unique way to elevate a drinking experiment. Whisky Experience Tasting & Nosing Glass . FREE Shipping by Amazon. A lid is a nice way to keep the aromas in the glass if the whisky is abandoned for a while. Finnish whisky enthusiast and the author of WhiskyRant! Hope you enjoyed my take on best whisky glasses, or whiskey glasses with an e. Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing. Our range of handmade glassware will help enhance that experience. This article deals with glasses that are exclusively made for tasting single malt whisky and high-quality bourbon.. Quick View. Wonders of Whisky. Two special whisky nosing glasses, plus 35 cl bottle, in a gift box. Sample your spirits straight from the distillery with our premium hand made whisky tasting glasses. The copita glass is considered by many as the best way to savor the aromas of single malt whisky, with Glencairn Glass winning the 2006 Queens Award for Innovation. Kate Dingwall is a freelance writer whose work focuses on food, drinks and travel. Suitable for any kind of whiskey as well. So be sure to always check the design. Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. It will capture the aromas very well, So far, from my own experience, it has captured the aromas the best way possible. Whisky glasses are shaped to enhance the experience of drinking and nosing whisky. In fact, connoisseurs would prefer to drink their whiskey warm because the evaporation process will make it easier for them to appreciate the fragrance of the whiskey. The Glencairn Whisky Glass is a revolutionary whisky glass that really lets one savour the taste and complexity of fine whisky. Single Dimple Old Fashioned Whisky Glass . Glencairn Whisky Glass Nosing Tasting Whiskey in Various Set Sizes. Your email address will not be published.

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