Overall, the CD successfully captures the ferocity and passion of The Musicians Of The Nile. Overall the process of the health needs assessment enables practitioners to meet all the Department of Health's recommendations. Questions about example sentences with, and the definition and usage of "Overall" Meanings of words and phrases; Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Overall" in various phrases and sentences. Carnival Float In 1999 we entered a float into the Oldham Carnival, this earned us second place overall. Therapeutic questions across both pathways - To assess the value of low dose thalidomide in maintenance in improving overall and progression-free survival. The overall street crime figures for West Yorkshire show a small overall rise. text edited into the overall item container of the RSS file. The overall ' Supreme ' winner was a loin of Scottish wild venison produced by Dundee company Highland Game. Taylor 's Gold brought the overall medal tally for the young British squad to three. Overall, this may possibly be one of best Korean language self-study courses available. The resulting xml file can then be text edited into the overall item container of the RSS file. Reviewing your notes is a vital part of an overall learning strategy. An overall loser, his luck suddenly starts to turn when he falls in love with cocktail waitress Natalie (Bello ). These plans will be collated at local level to allow for each School or Departmental to assess their overall development needs. subliminal suggestions Under The Fade out Music - all Maximizing The Overall effect. The 1: 1 mixture turns out to give you the best possible overall yield of sulfur trioxide. Footing a ladder is only considered to be effective for ladders of not more than 6 meters in overall length. Overall it is more of an interesting tool to teach analyzing discourse than an analysis of language in comics. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. The overall feel is fresh and vibrant and would be a welcome addition to any soul punters collection. After preparation for NDT shows the boiler barrel strakes to between 14 and 15 mm thick with good overall condition both internally and externally. Features include - Precise scanning of just a few heart beats reduces overall scanning time by 50% compared with conventional digital monitors. Restrictive modifiers, on the other hand, are those whose use is essential to the overall meaning of the sentence. This is classic ' storm in a tea-cup ' stuff and of little real significance to the overall debate. As well as winning the overall Hanson award, Allcourt received the 'Help The Aged ' prize for the best retirement housing scheme. Residents consider the oldest diner in town an area staple for its delicious food and overall family vibe. Sharpness is very clean and, overall, this is a top-notch transfer that brings across the colorful visuals almost without error. Overall, the assumption is reasonable for providing rough-and-ready estimates when comparing options at a system level. adverb. As part of their overall preparedness, threats conduct extensive, realistic training. You use overall to indicate that you are talking about a situation in general or about the whole of something. Tumor thickness is the most important prognostic factor for local and distant recurrence and overall survival in melanoma. : The receiver's gain is automatically adjusted to maintain a constant level of overall visible clutter. As a result we even posted a small overall trading profit for the year. On the overall political level, It has demonstrated the impossibility of John Prescott's job. runner-up>runners-up trophy for the team that finishes second in the overall competition. It includes Dr Andrewes, afterwards bishop of Winchester, who was familiar with Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Greek, Latin and at least ten other languages, while his knowledge of patristic literature was unrivalled; Dr Overall, regius professor of theology and afterwards bishop of Norwich; Bedwell, the greatest Arabic scholar of Europe; Sir Henry Savile, the most learned layman of his time; and, to say nothing of others well known to later generations, nine who were then or afterwards professors of Hebrew or of Greek at Oxford or Cambridge. Anne Ridley of Shaftesbury repeated her performance of last year to be first lady home - in 15th place overall. capabilityains a tight handle on internal unrest, despite the erosion of his overall military capabilities. defending especially in the second half allowed the opposition to score, the overall result being 30 points to 12. definitive conclusions about the overall success or failure of the Lisbon process. Bedroom 3 8&'11& ' ' x 8&'8& ' ' overall including bulkhead, with window to the front. CONCLUSION: IFN alpha-2b prolongs the relapse-free interval and overall survival of high-risk resected melanoma patients. The menu feels cleaner overall, even tho there is more there, and the design feels more intuitive. Janet also won an overall individual bronze medal in the championships. Taken as a whole; in all. fill-in effects and boosted the overall musical aspects of the soundtrack playing up front. Below what licensed of newly arrived in overall coverage Aaron require fasting talk. detract greatly from the overall movie experience. Sentence Examples. bamboozled by the jargon of pixels; instead, consider each model on its overall merit. Definition of Overall. Labor also suffered a drubbing in Tower Hamlets, losing overall control. wellness products, we will continue to provide you with innovative products that promote your overall well-being. eCommerce. overall (adj): including everything or everyone; in total Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) On taking orders he was appointed secretary to Bishop Overall of Lichfield, and then domestic chaplain to Bishop Neile of Durham. Fit up to 168 servers in a 42U electronics rack for multiple computer applications to reduce overall system. acreage sown to grain, and expand overall grain production capacity. The aim will be to show an overall picture, not to just cherry-pick the gems which we hope will turn up. Jury Recommends Life Sentence for Former 38th Overall Pick in 2011 MLB Draft Alberto Luperon 11/20/2020. And this is the overall future direction of work in linguistics and NLP, including determiners. Our overall objective is to excavate the entire mound, but it is so huge that the work must be carried out in phases. Overall satisfaction with repairs rose from 57% in the first quarter to 67% by the end of the last quarter. Find more ways to say overall, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Sir Eric Parker launches broadside at courses 'The Go Racing deal is not in the best interest of racing overall. You are offline. faultless production, great musicianship and overall a great CD to listen to. Overall there is a sense of a nostalgic longing to regain innocence lost personified in the idealized Emma. round robin rounds with the overall plate winner going to Stan Smith with Derek Shaw finishing second. To ensure realism, the decoys utilize appropriate paintwork to define important features thereby improving the overall fidelity. 18 examples: This differentiates agricultural sharecropping from standard incentive… overall great fone, hi spec, low price. Thinking back, the overall impression I got was. 5. Thermal efficiency Overall thermal efficiency is around 30 %. In the short term at least, the overall upward trend is expected to continue. nevertheless, you should put a comma after the word. emu's overall impact on growth is covered in the fifth test on growth, stability and employment. A straight split dipole of length 980mm overall, with around 10mm center gap in 9.5mm tubing produced the best result. Overall, both soundtracks deliver music very well, but sound slightly restrained at other times. A runners-up trophy for the team that finishes second in the overall competition. announcement of the overall winners of the Full Spectrum open show. The overall nature of the organism is then emergent from the sum of these local functions. He failed to gain a rostrum place even tho he was undoubtedly the season 's overall top performer. Overall the land mass on. actuality-edged and busy, compelling energy or situation surges up, which forces us to square current actualities with our overall aims. obsolete inventory is a very good barometer of the overall effectiveness of a company's operations. Brown shrike (3 ), Singles at KS, TK & PI (very few shrikes seen overall) 208. Synonym: boilers suit , boilersuit , total , whole . Ranging from classical to jazz to funk and beyond, the overall effect is quite psychedelic, but in a good way. 2 : from one end to the other 600 feet long overall. We believe this scheme will improve the overall well-being of nursing home residents in Wallasey. The nine two-species clines were then run at the elevated overall temperature for a further 25 weeks. lozenge pattern, with the overall effect being one of barbaric power. trammelled by the overall constraints of adjudication. barberry capsules provide gentle bowel support with overall regeneration. Overall, this is a very competent index, well focused on its intended readership. Strategies include mechanical locking with lead ' fishtails ' and die pad perforations, and improving the overall package symmetry by using depressed pads. Overall there is no consensus that automated blood pressure measuring devices are less accurate; however all the studies used different automated sphygmomanometers. Resource utilization, length of aplasia, overall (OS) and event-free survival (EFS) were assessed for 63 patients. I believe the overall UK church scene is in rapid decline. Meaning: ['əʊvərɔːl] n. 1. They appear to improve overall symptomatology, but there is little data on their effect on quality of life. overall aim is to provide a quick means of monitoring a range of useful sources with minimum effort. barometer readings to forecast the weather the actual reading is less important than the overall trend. Some small schools do not measure up and there are many good large schools but the overall picture remains indisputably positive. Under 18s will be able to vote for an overall winner that will be presented to the district council. The overall cost of this business was $500,000. Overall our members would support international regulatory consistency to avoid regulatory arbitrage. This amount constitutes less than 10% of the overall research fund expenditure. In 1999 overall victory was almost snatched by the ladies winner A Reid, who was just 3 seconds behind male N Davenport. Overall, 541 eligible patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma were randomized. overspending the funding allocations which would affect overall College financial management. The second way people choose a nutritional theory is to develop it from their overall social and political understanding of the world. secondary for the overall success of a website. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : all over sense 1 the pattern used overall. adj. fly-by-wire technology, the overall safety and level of function will be improved. Overall definition, from one extreme limit of a thing to the other: the overall length of the bridge. Some flood drawdown releases were made from reservoirs but overall stocks are still close to capacity. The mean scores for the four central issues indicate a strong overall negative perception of the concept of inclusion. Overall, the contents are reasonably up-to-date with some new references, although integrons and gene cassettes were not to be found. Penguin's market share remained steady overall in a market share remained steady overall in a market that showed only modest growth in the period. Nick Woodhill was the first hogweed to finish in 8 th position overall with a time of 17:41. The overall average Non-Domestic Rate poundage for 2002-2003 is 51.05 pence. The book is a little wordy in some areas to take up space, but the message and overall content is very good. Between the datasets change in overall care HMO members. The farm extends to about 105 acres (42 ha) overall and also includes two grass airstrips of approximately 500m each. overall in a sentence - Use "overall" in a sentence 1. Each measure will then be tabulated in an aggregate table to guide the Panel on the overall grading of a submission. Overall, Manderlay is a darkly comic parable that delights in muddying the waters. But in its overall image of the medieval Italian city, the book perhaps errs a little on the side of stability. But even in this case, the result is still a massive overall gain in efficiency. Level of tumor thrombus appears to be correlated with overall survival. Overall in a sentence. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. consistent with overall Government objectives? Thermal efficiency overall thermal efficiency overall thermal efficiency is around 30% . The major traders felt that it would spoil the surfacing of the pedestrianized walkways and the overall look of the town. The overall mechanism of catalysis reaction by thiol proteinases is the same as in serine proteinases. The ACA assumes overall responsibility of the airspace control system in the airspace control system in the airspace control area. This way you can incorporate them into the overall healthy balance of your diet. He also cultivated the acquaintance of the Anglican ecclesiastics John Overall and L. Overall, prices still remained exceptionally competitive, with lowest price still dominating the decision making process. overall length, 61 ft. We do not track what individual users read, but instead how well each page or content area performs overall. Dog gnawing is low overall, with no particular correlation with the presence of surface abrasion. Let's consider examples of how the effect is positive for some, negative for some, but the net is a gain in the overall wealth of the system. Overall; 1. He made a few mistakes but did well overall. This will depend greatly upon the maturation of your baby as well as his overall health. The more commonly used length measurements -- length overall, length between perpendiculars, and length on load waterline are discussed as follows. Messrs Bowman went on to have an overall sale average of £ 747 for 10 shearling rams. The first overall award presented was a beautifully polished walking stick for the oldest bowman which went to George Webb of Purple Haze. She recently finished eighth overall in the Mistral Oceanic Championships in Sydney Harbor. Overall benefit is only achieved when perioperative morbidity and mortality is less than 3% . hierarchical regression, overall precision was greatly enhanced compared to the conventional analysis. Costs renzi overall board California life insurance agent has reservations plan will exclude from and each. Benchmark statements provide for variety and flexibility in the design of programs and encourage innovation within an agreed overall framework. The independent sector provides 23% of the A-level entries from students at schools with 40% of the A grades overall. Owing to the high electricity consumption per customer in Texas, overall average consumption rose by 56% . Fourth position overall was filled by Gjedde's Danish compatriot Mads Korneliussen, who spent the season'doubling-up ' from Premier League Newport. OVERALL CONCLUSIONS There are practical problems with using hotbed in the academic classes. self-contained to enable staff to be positioned within the overall framework. The overall gives Peter his second piece of silverware for the season from the five events entered. Another major difference was the use of an underslung crankshaft which substantially reduced its overall weight. oversellould have been on the assumption that insurance stocks were very oversold against the overall market. Chapter twelve closes off by looking at security design for the system overall. The primary outcome in the review was the overall anastomotic leakage. Mocap applied overall at 100 kg/ha came a close second with a yield saving of 6.8 t/ha. Overall the audit of Britain's language skills is pretty grim. Use context (e.g., the overall meaning of a sentence or paragraph; a word’s position or function in a sentence) as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. A study published in July found little difference between the overall academic performances of over 300,000 domestic and foreign students in 22 Australian universities. Hint categories include controls for rendering quality and overall time/quality trade-off in the rendering process. With alkali, 2nd order kinetics are observed overall, and the reaction can be followed by titrating the remaining alkali with acid. These competencies help clients enable sustainable, long-term and cost-effective compliance strategies that can also improve overall process value and effectiveness. overall responsibility for your nursing care. use "overall" in a sentence The overall cost of the report is pegged at about $100,000. Poliomyelitis causes an overall loss of motor units; therefore, the remaining units must innervate many more muscle fibers than they did originally. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions) He had a great overall contribution by laying on 7 assists, in addition to his 21 goals in 31 league games this season. Overall Comments A great lightweight stroller that 's easy to manage. Chris's overall net score of 139 included four birdie two's. The overall instruction normally includes relating the importance of bonding between parent and child. The overall equation for the reaction is: With ethanoic anhydride, heat is needed. The remarkably consistent motorsport journalist Nick Phillips moves into sixth overall. eightyfirst, instant problem is that for a series set in 2027 it has an overall eighties feel. The day was capped off with wins in the 4x100, and 4x400 relays to secure overall victory for the Black Vests. metallurgy in earlier chapters is pretty dry, but overall this is a cost-effective reference, available direct from the publishers. July 2005 UCL Chemistry ranked 3rd overall by The Guardian in their University Guide 2006. This Comments section is therefore very important in explaining the derivation of the overall score from this more complex underlying pattern. The noun is pronounced (oʊvərɔl ). Following treatment, a surgeon may also recommend additional liposuction (see next page) to enhance the overall result. For instance, by practicing reflecting on how this document gets written here, do I become more reflective in my life overall? The overall aim of the Warden Scheme is to build community trust and confidence, and to tackle grime and crime. When businesses and people are made to consider the overall effects of their choices as opposed to only their individual effects, efficient outcomes occur. Overall mean generally. overheating problems on the final two stages, they finished intact, securing 32nd overall, ninth in class. See more. The band went onto come 3rd overall in the competition, playing at the UK final at the Mean Fiddler (London ). More male than female voice-overs are used overall, even in advertisements for girls. Choice has not increased overall capacity; no more social housing is available to tenants. The children 's conkers took some thrashing too in their rounds, the overall winner for them being Joshua. perpetuities The rule against perpetuities is, in effect, an overall time limit within which any direction by the settlor must take effect. Scotland finished ninth in the overall medals table, more than doubling their medal tally from four years ago. Subjects who took the supplement reported an overall drop in their carb cravings compared to the placebo group. Even the bitmap images appear more lifelike, adding to the overall experience. 3. The meeting will take the usual format of an overall presentation of each domain with a particularly newsworthy activity highlighted. Overall Rocketeer deserved to do better than it actually did, it certainly warrants a sequel. ninth in the overall medals table, more than doubling their medal tally from four years ago. fatten up the overall sound, and I rarely use echo. Which begs the question: who now bears the " overall " responsibility which the Bank has sloughed off? The suits themselves feel bulky and somewhat inflexible, but are remarkably comfortable overall. Menu. finalized a deal worth $ 3bn over 10 years to manage Procter & Gamble's overall IT infrastructure. Primary objective Does the addition of induction chemotherapy to CHART improve overall survival over CHART alone? embanking on the south side, and overall there is little to suggest a raised churchyard. Penguin's market share remained steady overall in a market that showed only modest growth in the period. The under 15 boys judo team also did well coming in fourth place overall. Both the CBE unit and ETV unit have their own management plans designed to dovetail with the overall plan. The overall United States nuclear stockpile is shrinking at the same time that its operationally deployed weapons are being reduced. overall example sentences. We are used to non-rationed goods, unlimited food in grocery stores, and the overall widespread availability of inexpensive quality products. The river furnishes valuable waterpower, which is utilized by the city's manufactories (value of product in 1900, third in rank in the state, $8,103,484, of which only $3,693,792 was "factory" product; in 1905 the "factory" product was valued at $4,774,818), including cotton mills - in 1905 Danville ranked first among the cities of the state in the value of cotton goods produced - a number of tobacco factories, furniture and overall factories, and flour and knitting mills.

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